94th infantry division world war 2 war dead memorial
301st Infantry Regiment
M - P

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Name Serial 
Grade Arm or Service Type 
Maberry, Ralph I 37658728 S SG INF KIA  
Mackey, Lawrence L 37423998 PVT MD KIA  
Magdy, Frank D 36735405 PFC INF KIA  
Magoris, James H 37582391 PFC INF DOW  
Maleport, Melvin J 36828806 PVT INF KIA Feb 19, 1945
Maniatis, James 33923445 PVT INF KIA  
Marx, Harry A 33952016 PVT INF KIA Apr 6, 1945
Marzs, Raymound L 36905542 PFC INF KIA  
Mason, Harry I 17169297 SGT INF KIA  
Maynerich, John E 36708154 SGT INF KIA Jan 28, 1945
Mc Carthy, John A 01298886 1 LT INF KIA  
Mc Connell, James H 33216039 PFC INF KIA  
Mc Daniel, Waymon G 34576468 PFC INF KIA  
Mc Dougal, John N 01329611 2 LT INF KIA  
Mc Givney, R G Jr. 32937907 PFC INF KIA  
Mc Keel, Harold V 38546070 PFC INF KIA  
Mc Namee, William J 32727679 PFC INF KIA  
Mc Queen, Omar I 36418389 PVT INF KIA  
Mele, Andrew P Jr. 32175925 TEC4 INF KIA  
Merola, Alfred H 11063525 PFC INF KIA  
Meyer, Donald 11086164 PFC INF FOD  
Meyer, George E 36774764 PVT INF KIA  
Meyer, Norman J 20645407 PFC INF KIA  
Miller, George F 0-231981 LT C INF KIA Jan 20, 1945
Morris, Michael 33615086 PFC INF KIA  
Mosher, Alan H 14167849 PVT INF KIA  
Moultrie, Jeptha G 34006509 PFC INF KIA  
Mulliniks, Thomas N 34496621 SGT INF KIA  
Mullins, Fred E 35649029 TEC5 INF KIA  
Murphy, William G 31312129 PFC INF KIA  
Myers, Maurice W 01289948 1 LT INF KIA Nov 13, 1944
Nardiello, Tony J 36604763 PFC INF KIA  
Nash, Roger B 31377139 PVT INF KIA  
Nehmy, James J 31112363 PVT INF KIA  
Neumann, Paul E 15353690 TEC4 INF KIA  
Northrup, William E 42087010 PVT INF KIA  
Ocheltree, Fred F 35745503 PFC INF KIA  
Oleary, George P 17131614 PVT INF KIA  
Olson, Stanley O 37597831 PVT INF KIA  
Oslislok, Albert 36707463 PVT INF KIA  
Ouellette, Arthur J   6139056 TEC5 INF KIA  
Owen, Kenneth D 33750286 PFC INF KIA  
Paige, Charles H 34766509 PVT INF KIA  
Patterson, James T 44041824 PVT INF DOW  
Pease, Bill D 39931886 PFC INF KIA  
Pemberton Charles R 35202144 SGT INF DOW  
Pentz, Leland T 10601871 PVT INF DOW  
Peters, Prentice M 33956923 PVT INF KIA  
Picha, James F 33386740 PFC INF KIA  
Plate, Samuel   6889541 PFC INF KIA  
Platko, Joseph P 33396409 PFC INF KIA  
Platt, Paul E 33502038 PFC INF KIA  
Polito, Albert F 32650900 PFC INF KIA  
Pope, Alonzo L Jr.  44011761 PVT INF KIA  
Powers, Edward J 33601125 PFC INF KIA  
Pratt, Harold F 35643141 PFC INF KIA Jan 27, 1945
Proctor, Dale T 17197243 PFC INF DOW  
Pugh, Glen V 35572468 S SG INF KIA  
John Clyburn, Secretary

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