94th infantry division world war 2 war dead memorial
376st Infantry Regiment
P - S
DOW - died of wounds FOD - found dead INF - infantry KIA - killed in action
Name Serial 
Grade Arm of Service Type 
Paleski Pete 33690054 PVT INF DOW
Pappas Charles 36041304 PVT INF KIA
Parker James L 44010349 PVT INF KIA Feb 24, 1945
Parker Paul O 37772263 PVT INF KIA
Parrish George H 36761555 CPL INF DOW Mar 23, 1945
Peoples Homer J 34914990 PVT INF KIA
Perdue Clarence C 35593963 TEC4 INF KIA
Perry Orvind R 37645512 PVT INF KIA
Pertile Victor 36886247 PVT INF KIA
Pfister Ernest J 39622551 PVT KIF KIA Feb 23, 1945
Phillips Richard R 31336955 PFC INF DOW
Pierce Norman J Jr.   6656920 SGT INF KIA Feb 10, 1945
Piteri Ralph A 31133648 PVT INF KIA Feb 10, 1945
Poole Thomas W 34516522 PFC INF DOW Jan 26, 1945
Pratt Herbert 32666405 PFC INF KIA
Previte Samuel D 32591491 PFC INF KIA Dec 2, 1944
Putnam Reginald L 11015997 PFC INF KIA Feb 27, 1945
Quinn John Jr. 31449248 PVT INF KIA
Raffel Arthur G 42043388 SGT INF DOW
Rafferty Joseph T 33908162 PFC INF KIA
Rans Earl E 35572476 PFC INF KIA
Rasche Robert A 33907075 PVT INF KIA
Rasmussen Frank M J 36906065 PVT INF KIA Feb 10, 1945
Rayburn Raymond D Jr. 35783574 PVT INF KIA
Reabold Willard M 33941529 PVT INF KIA Feb 19, 1945
Redd Wallace T 14003454 TEC5 INF KIA Mar 22, 1945
Redmann Morris B Jr. 38499577 PFC INF KIA Jan 14, 1945
Redner Bernard 32658362 PFC MD KIA
Reeser William S 36774636 PFC INF KIA
Reisdorf Donald F 13189356 PVT INF KIA
Reneaud Henri E 11062317 PVT INF KIA
Richards Charles T 33472318 PFC INF KIA
Riddell John R Jr. 32232385 S SG INF KIA
Ritchie Thomas H 42181618 PVT INF KIA
Robb Gilbert C 35594012 SGT INF KIA
Roberts Clellon D 17006757 PVT INF KIA
Roberts Herman C 44015828 PVT INF KIA
Robinson Robert L 33788330 PFC INF KIA
Rodriguez Joseph L 32705629 SGT INF KIA
Rogers Bobby R 38549596 PVT INF KIA
Rooksby George J 12106142 SGT INF KIA
Russell Edward W 12173952 CPL  INF KIA
Rysnik John J 31109281 TEC4 INF KIA
Santelli Joseph G 36695279 PFC INF KIA
Sargent Robert L 36524786 PVT INF DOW
Scarborough Paul G 34891628 PFC INF KIA
Schenzinger August R 32680201 SGT INF KIA
Scherer Kenneth N 32591459 PFC INF KIA
Schultz Raymond R 16151504 S SG INF KIA
Seaman Charles Phillip 12204263 PFC INF KIA Feb 24, 1945
Shedina Frank C 32665780 PFC INF KIA
Sheets Charles E 37751117 PVT INF KIA
Shetler Carl J  0-446476 CAPT INF DOW
Simons Kenneth E 33407361 SGT INF DOW
Slach Ferdinand E 32656856 PFC INF KIA
Slade Alan A Jr. 42041408 SGT INF KIA
Smith Fred Sr. 34517004 PFC INF KIA
Smith James L 33387574 PFC INF KIA
Smith Walter J 38565881 SGT INF DOW
Speir Hiram B Jr. 38633160 PVT INF KIA
Speten Clifford S 37169432 PFC INF KIA
Staab Kenneth G 33493070 S SG INF KIA
Steeg Ernest R Jr. 15344377 PFC INF KIA
Stone Billy G 44015768 PVT INF KIA
Stratton Douglas G 19109719 PFC INF KIA
Strong Orvis J 11133146 SGT INF KIA
Swart Robert E 36625796 PFC INF KIA
John Clyburn, Secretary

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