94th infantry division world war 2 war dead memorial

302nd Infantry Regiment
P - S

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Name Serial 
Medals Grade Arm or Service Type 
Parrish Milton J 33858551 PVT INF KIA Feb 19, 1945
Parton J C 34584071 S SG INF KIA
Pash Daniel 36627213 S SG INF KIA
Patterson Frank J 44040047 PFC INF KIA
Peck Ronald B 37327719 SGT INF KIA
Petitt Albert E 33858140 PVT INF KIA
Pheifer Walter E 35229563 SGT INF KIA
Philiposki Mike 33258437 PVT INF DOI
Phillips Ralph G 36695521 PVT IINF DOW
Phillips Raymond H 38549989 PFC INF KIA
Pinchot Joseph 35719210 S SG INF KIA
Pitman James R 44040019 PVT INF KIA
Polacek Charley 37243206 PFC INF KIA
Powell Adrain G 35698680 PFC INF KIA
Purdy Jay l 39470805 PVT INF DOW
Quigley Charles A 35572777 S SG INF KIA
Ramey William I 35643364 PVT INF KIA
Ranck Olan D 33232231 TEC4 INF KIA
Rathbone Mack A 34593139 SGT INF KIA
Ratliff Benny W 34839909 PVT INF KIA
Rea Melsom F 13174539 PFC INF KIA
Reckley Robert M 33815832 PVT INF KIA
Regan William G 32191607 SGT INF KIA
Reid David J 42024509 PVT INF KIA
Reidy James E 35916204 PFC INF DOW
Reister Herbert B 37252730 SGT INF KIA
Renck Donald L 01293478 2 LT INF KIA
Requena Raul 32714428 PVT INF KIA
Ricciuti Michael A 32665821 PFC INF KIA
Rich Ansel L 35725645 PVT INF KIA
Richards Carl D 01325322 1 LT INF KIA
Richards Clarence A 37243405 PFC INF KIA
Roach Sylvester S 37773213 PFC INF KIA
Robbins Ray C 33759218 PFC MD KIA
Roberts Thomas F 33859152 PVT INF KIA
Robinson Arlie J 37400027 PFC INF KIA
Rodriguez Jose 39858151 PVT MD KIA
Roehe Milbun H 38160239 PVT INF KIA
Rogers Royce H 32849998 PFC INF KIA
Roy Ange E A 20122380 PVT INF KIA
Ruane Thomas G 33923343 PVT INF KIA
Runyon Orval L 37024956 T SG INF DOW
Russell Robert C 33907596 PVT INF KIA
Ryder Paul 35593939 PFC INF KIA
Sabol Emil V 33924978 PVT INF DOW
Saddlemire Hiram S 32677232 PVT INF KIA
Sanders Curtiss E 36832997 PVT INF KIA
Satterlee Robert H 32733150 PFC INF KIA
Scanlon Harold T 32963248 SGT INF KIA
Schauwecker Zeno H 37629123 SGT INF KIA
Schidzick George C 42165550 PVT INF KIA
Schmidt Andrew 32679696 SGT INF KIA
Schmidt John H 37771954 PVT INF KIA
Schumacher Gerald L 36834647 SGT INF KIA
Schwanke Wilfred R 35321578 PFC INF KIA
Schwartz Seymour 42041852 PFC MD KIA Feb 9, 1945
Schwemer Frank 33403385 S SG  INF KIA
Semels David 19164731 PFC INF KIA
Shay Albert A 31369883 PFC INF KIA
Shipman Emmett 37243084 TEC5 INF KIA
Silver Bernard A 36682077 CPL INF DOW
Simmons John H 33130474 TEC5 INF KIA
Slater Robert E 36808548 PFC INF DOW
Slishansky Stanley 01289980 1 LT INF KIA
Slone Russell H 35643363 PFC INF DOW
Smelser Clarence H 39214975 PFC INF FOD
Smith Charles L Jr. 33830813 PFC INF KIA
Smith Lawrence P Jr. 15312627 TEC5 INF KIA
Snider Herbert C 34583490 PFC INF KIA
Snitkin Sidney 33923883 PFC INF KIA
Snow Jack W 35228982 PFC INF KIA Mar 16, 1945
Sonnenburg Russell J 36888870 BS, PH PVT INF FOD Mar 5, 1945
Sousa William M 39143867 PH PFC INF KIA Mar 16, 1945
Speiser Bob V 35227014 PFC INF KIA Mar 6, 1945
Spetner Abraham I   6704920 PFC INF KIA Jan 25, 1945
Staton Gerald H 33158042 S SG INF KIA Feb 20, 1945
Stein Irving E 35916266 PVT INF  KIA
Stelmaszewski N A 36962417 PFC INF KIA
Sternaman Robert E 36546645 S SG INF KIA Jan 2 1945
Stockman George H 35092734 S SG INF KIA
Stone Clifton L 34863400 PFC INF KIA
Stopper Robert C 33875009 PFC INF KIA Feb 2, 1945
Stotler Philip L 35782741 PVT INF KIA
Stracelsky John J 13010745 1 SG INF KIA Jan 20, 1945
Stuart Robert W 11132079 S SG INF KIA Feb 5, 1945
Stuby James E 35594052 PFC INF  DOW Jan 26, 1945
Stump Robert H 33457730 PFC INF KIA Sep 16, 1944
Suglio John R 35533672 SGT INF KIA Feb 20, 1945
John Clyburn, Secretary

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